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Wild Chaser

The Wild Chaser drone frame is a fully capable long range FPV platform. 

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The Wild Chaser drone frame is a fully capable long range FPV platform. Get 20 minutes of solid FPV flight with all your FPV gear installed.

When you complete checkout, you will be granted access to a package containing Universal STL files. Time to print your frame!!!!

The frame is very easy to build!!! The canopy and the arms are screwable for easy remove and also change, if needed!!!!

Print the parts as many times as you need!!! Go to the field with plenty of spare parts!!!

Special features:
- Internal Double battery connectors (support up to two 3s or 4s batteries);
- Protected Battery compartment under the canopy - Helps save your expensive batteries in case of crash events;  
- Holes underneath the frame to attach future expansions (camera holders, light holders, and other payloads as you need)
- Screwable arms makes arm replacement easy when needed.
- Lightweight designed frame - gives you more flight time while flying beautifully, no more need to show your wires and eletronics anymore, keep dust away from your eletronics!!!

- FPV camera lens hole in the canopy front: keep your camera inside the canopy and avoid vibration!!!

- Air intakes in the canopy help cool your eletronics!

To setup your drone you will need (not included):

- 2306-2150KV brushless motor or similar;
- 25A ~ 35A ESCs (Recommended 35A EMAX Bullet Pro);
- Some 20 AWG gauge silicon wires (red and black)  for the ESCs extensions;
- Some 12 AWG gauge silicon wires (red and black) for the battery connectors;
- Two XT-60 female connectors;
- Your flight controller with optional GPS;
- Your RX receiver and TX radio
- Your FPV camera, RX/TX video gear and OSD (optional for FPV)  

AND (choose option 1 or option 2):

Option 1: (Stable FPV with high torque)

- 2x 2500mah or 1x 5200mah 3S LiPo;

-  6" props 3 blades -  (recommended) or 6" props 2 blades;

Option 2: (for a very quick machine)

- 2x 1400 mah or 1x 3200mah 4S LiPo;

- 5" props 3 blades (recommended) or 5" props 2 blades;

The Wild chaser is made of 7 printable parts:  1 frame, 1 canopy, 4 arms and 1 optional internal GPS mount  


- MANUAL for the assembly of a complete long range FPV platform, fully capable of 20 minutes flightime.

- 1 STL file for the canopy;

- 1 STL file for the frame;

- 2 STL files for the arms. One file for the two front arms and another file for the rear arms;

- 1 STL file for an internal GPS mount (optional, just in case you need to install your GPS);

- Images for decals: Let's make your Wild Chaser look great!!!


Minimum requirements: 3D printer with 200mm / 200mm / 185mm build volume

Filament: 1.75mm ABS (recommended) or 1.75mm PLA

Checkout and go fly with style!!!!